19th June 2024 Commodity Market Report

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Last week’s USDA report was neutral all round for soya, wheat and maize. Predictions for South American maize cropping levels were left unchanged, despite a reduction being expected.

Commodity report exchange rate graph 19 06 24
  • Sterling is slightly weaker against the dollar week-on-week, 0.1 cent versus $.



  • There are high temperatures in the US, but it’s still too early to have any impact on soyabean production. Soil moistures are good.
  • Last week’s USDA report was neutral for soya, with 2023/24 global ending stocks -1 million tonnes month-on-month and Brazil’s crop -1 million tonnes month-on-month versus -2 million expected.
  • 2024/25 crops all unchanged. Most crops are yet to be planted and 2024/25 ending stocks for global and US are heavy if achieved.
  • CONAB peg Brazil’s 2023/24 soybean crop at 147.4 million tonnes vs 153 million per USDA.


  • USDA dropped world rapeseed production by 1.2 million tonnes, revising Australian and EU crops downwards.
  • Ukrainian harvest will start shortly, and new crop seed will arrive mid-July. Limited farmer selling so far.
  • EU to enforce 50% duty on rapeseed from Russia/Belarus from 1st July.

Maize Distillers

  • Shipping delays continue to cause nearby technical markets.
  • USDA neutral for corn, with expected reductions to South American crops not made.


Palm Kernel

  • Export market sold out for June and first half of July.
  • Northern hemisphere market very quiet.
  • Crush margins remain positive, so no expected shutdowns.

Soya Hulls

  • Market direction driven by liquidity. Without sustained volume Argentine farmer selling prices have some underlying support.
  • USDA leaves Argentine crop unchanged at 50 million tonnes, double last year’s disastrous figure.


  • EU sets higher tariffs on Russian/Belarusian sugarbeet pellets, effective from July 1st.


  • A strengthening US dollar weakens US prices and pushes funds into selling mode.


  • Last week’s USDA report was neutral for wheat.
  • Global ending stocks for 2023/24 and 2024/25 close to last month’s and expectations.
  • 2024/25 global wheat crop -7 million tonnes month-on-month; Russia -5 million, Ukraine -1.5 million, EU -1.5 million on weather. But global demand -4 million tonnes month-on-month on less wheat feeding.


  • 2024/25 estimated bigger crops for global, at 150 million tonnes, +8 million year-on-year.
  • EU crop is 54.5 million, +6.8 million year-on-year.
  • UK crop is 7.5 million, +0.5 million year-on-year.


  • Above normal heat intensifies this week across the entire US corn belt, but there’s cooler forecasts in 11-15 days.
  • Last week’s USDA report was neutral for maize. 2023/24 South American crops left unchanged when reductions were expected. Still higher than local analysts.
  • 2023/24 South American crops left unchanged and still higher than local analysts, when reductions were expected.
  • BAGE peg Argentina’s 2023/24 maize crop at 47.5 million tonnes versus 53 million per USDA.
  • CONAB peg Brazil’s 2023/24 maize crop at 114.6 million tonnes vs 122 million per USDA.

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Weekly currency trend

£1.273 /$ - Mixed

£1.186/Euro – Mixed

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