Unleash the power of co-products

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The basis for a sustainable food chain

Co-products, or in other words residual flows, play an important role in making our food chain sustainable. When crops are processed, some parts remain that are not edible for humans but can be used in animal feed. We process these parts into nutritious feed for cows, pigs and chickens. In this way, animals make these co-products valuable and convert it into milk, meat and eggs. In other words: to have sustainable food on our plates, animals are crucial.

This is how we take responsibility with CirQlar, together with suppliers, livestock farmers, processors and retailers: For the Future of Farming.

This is the power of co-products.

The power of co-products

  • Lower carbon footprint of meat and dairy.
  • Less food waste.
  • Along with roughage and concentrates they contribute to better growth and milk yield.
  • Nutritious feed for animals.
  • Improve animal health.

The role of animals in the food chain

Animals play an important role in making our food sustainable. They convert co-products not suitable for human consumption into important proteins. Manure finds its way back into fertile farmland. In this way farmers can improve the efficiency of their farms, while impacting the environment as little as possible. A great, but quite complicated system. In this image, you see how the different food flows find their way from farmer to consumer and back again.

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Residual flows as a solution

Producing food sustainably is a shared responsibility. The whole chain has to work together, and residual flows are an important part of that. By working together with our farmers, suppliers and other parties in the chain, we ensure that food is produced sustainably, with a good return for the farmer and the least possible impact on the environment. CirQlar provides livestock farmers with a balanced feed supply, using residues from the food industry. Together, we unleash the power of co-products.

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