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CirQlar Nutrition is part of ForFarmers and engaged in the purchase and sale of co-products. Co-products are ‘left overs' from the production of a main product from other industries, such as the food and ethanol industries . For example: brewers' grains are a residual product from beer production. It is not suitable for human consumption but is suitable as animal feed.

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The power of co-products

We believe in the power of co-products and making use of them together with our chain partners. With CirQlar's products, we contribute to less waste and less food waste. We efficiently contribute to a circular agriculture. We do so by cooperating with suppliers, processors, retailers and farmers. Because only together we can work on circularity.

This is how ForFarmers meets its sustainability ambitions. This is important for all players in the chain, from supplier and farmer to slaughterhouse and supermarket.

What do we stand for?

The society of tomorrow demands affordable and sustainable food. As a result, producing meat, dairy and eggs with a small carbon footprint is increasingly important. Together with our colleagues at our parent company ForFarmers, we make an essential contribution to this by using co-products. Together with our farmers and the livestock industry, we close the food cycle.

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Feeding co-products to animals helps to complete the cycle because these raw materials cannot be eaten or drunk by humans. We therefore call them circular raw materials. They do not compete with raw materials that people can consume.

Another strength of co-products is their much smaller impact on the environment, and thus a smaller footprint than many other feed has. Through our ambition, knowledge, expertise and our network, we connect farmers, suppliers and other chain parties. This is how we work together on circular food flows. This ensures less waste of raw materials, less waste, a smaller joint carbon footprint and sustainable food.

That is the promise we make with CirQlar.

What are co-products?

Raw materials or residuals that are not fit for human consumption. We call them circular raw materials. For animals - pigs, cows, goats or chickens - these raw materials are often suitable. CirQlar processes co-products from the food industry, among others, into animal feed.

By feeding them to animals, co-products are upgraded into dairy, meat and eggs - valuable food for people. We contribute to less waste and the carbon footprint of the final product is also much smaller. We have the knowledge and experience to calculate, among other things, the CO2 emissions of the main feed ingredients. Safe feed, transparency in the chain and animal welfare are our top priorities.

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Working together on affordable and sustainable food is our dot on the horizon. The number of mouths to feed continues to rise, global prosperity is increasing in emerging markets, and this leads to a demand for food that continues to grow. We need to meet this in a sustainable way.

We believe in circular food production, and in this, animals and co-products play an important role. CirQlar's approach is an integral part of ForFarmers Strategy 2025 and its sustainability approach 'Going Circular, For the Future of Farming.'

Read more about ForFarmers' sustainability strategy here.


Our partners in the supply chain

Making food sustainably can only be done together. Together with our chain partners we work on this, with co-products in a central role. From farmers and suppliers to dairy processors and slaughterhouses and retail. We use each other's knowledge and expertise, using the ‘waste’ from one chain as a source for the other.

And the result? Sustainable food, with a good return for the farmer and the lowest possible environmental impact. Together, we unleash the power of co-products.

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CirQlar's team at your service

With years of experience in the field of co-products, CirQlar Nutrition's team is at your service! Our traders are the point of contact for suppliers. They are committed to your guaranteed sales of co-products. To do so, they have contact with our customers, livestock farmers, who like to feed co-products to their animals. Not only to lower feed costs but also for a smaller carbon footprint, and of course a balanced feed supply for healthy animals that produce efficiently.

Our CirQlar team works closely together with nutritionists and specialists from ForFarmers in the various sectors.

More information?

Would you like to know more about what CirQlar can do for you? Then get in touch with the CirQlar team. They will be happy to tell you more about it.