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ForFarmers is committed to a sustainable food chain and a healthy and strong farming business. This requires cooperation throughout the chain: from suppliers, processors and retailers, in addition to, of course, our close cooperation with our farmers. In doing this we all work together on a sustainable chain.

With CirQlar, we contribute to this by efficiently processing food and other products that are not suitable for human consumption into animal feed. For us, safe feed, a transparent chain and animal health and welfare are paramount.

Discover the power of co-products

Local products
Closing the loop
Small footprint
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Local products

The beauty of using co-products is their local character. We always want to use available co-products as locally as possible. Our wide customer base and scale allow us to do so. And because we minimise transport distances this way, supplying locally also means fewer emissions from transport. In this way, we contribute to local, sustainable products. That is what we call the power of residual flows!

Closing the loop

Feeding co-products to animals helps to complete the food cycle, because these products cannot be eaten or drunk by humans. We therefore call them circular raw materials. They do not compete with raw materials that people can consume. And by feeding them to animals, these co-products are upgraded into dairy, meat and eggs - valuable nutrition for humans.

Small footprint

Did you know that co-products have a much smaller impact on the environment, and therefore a smaller footprint, than many other feed? By using co-products, we ensure less waste of raw materials, less waste and very concretely: a smaller carbon footprint of food. That is the promise we make with CirQlar.

This is how we unleash the power of co-products

  • Concepts
    The ForFarmers team has a lot of experience with (welfare) concepts developed in cooperation with chain partners to feed society with sustainable food. As a market leader in concepts, we know what is involved, and the CirQlar team also applies that knowledge. This allows us to unleash the power of co-products in retail concepts as well.

  • Innovation strength
    We are constantly looking for new co-products that can be used in animal feed. We are also continuously researching how we can upgrade existing co-products into high-quality feed. For instance, by applying new techniques or making technical improvements based on analyses. The power of innovation is incredibly relevant when applying co-products.

  • Working together

    Making sustainable food is something you can only do together. We are working on this as a chain, from supplier, farmer to slaughterhouse and dairy processor to supermarket. We use each other's knowledge and expertise to upgrade the waste from one chain to an important ingredient for the other. The result? Sustainable food with the lowest possible carbon footprint and a transparent chain.

  • Results

    CirQlar is part of ForFarmers. This has the advantage that we have access to a lot of data and experience in analysing this data. This allows us to properly assess the impact of co-products in feed and achieve good technical results. Because of our experience, we know how to maintain a constant quality. This ultimately results in a reliable product: easily digestible feed for animals and good animal health.

  • Focus on sustainability

    Another advantage: because of ForFarmers' scale, important sustainability parameters are in our systems. For example, we can calculate the CO2 emissions of key feed ingredients and steer towards achieving a small carbon footprint. Making a concrete contribution to sustainable food for society is what we do with the help of our data and experience.

More information?

Would you like to know more about what CirQlar can do for you? Then get in touch with the CirQlar team. They will be happy to tell you more about it.