29th May 2024 Commodity Market Report

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Markets in the US will be focusing on weather heading into the summer, if mid-June is too hot it may stress crops.

Commodity report exchange rate graph 29 05 24
  • Sterling is stronger against the dollar week-on-week, 0.8 cent versus $.



  • Soyabean harvest now 91% complete in Brazil’s flood impacted southernmost state up from 85% last week.
  • Extreme tightness in soya meal supplies in UK and EU keeping meal market supported nearby.
  • Argentine soybean crush ramping up as their harvest progresses but farmers slow sellers.
  • Cargill has mentioned last week the funds were still adding to their already-large, long positions.
  • Longer term market is more bearish, subject to US weather being positive for growth.


  • ADM has mentioned recent frost damage in Russia has impacted rapeseed crops in the area and surrounding countries.
  • Old crop supply continues to be tight.
  • Ukraine’s rapeseed crop estimates have fallen to 4.1 million tonne from 4.7 million tonne last year.



  • Canada’s 2024/25 wheat crop pegged at 34.3 million tonnes, +7.5% year-on-year basis more acres and higher yields.
  • The IGC cuts its forecast for 2024/25 global wheat production with Ukraine and Russia downgraded.
  • Dryness persists in Russia and their wheat crop estimates fall, IKAR now at 81.5 million tonnes vs 91.5 million last year.
  • Ukraine wheat harvest estimated at 19.1 million tonnes vs 23 million last year.
  • In France, May has been the wettest and coldest in 30 years - a flag for yield potential.


  • UK exports quiet as buyers find better value in EU origins.
  • Key driver for barley now will be farmer selling.


  • The IGC cut its forecast for world corn stocks at the close of 2024/25 by 10.4 million to 281.0 million tonne largely on weakened estimates for Argentine and US supplies.
  • Prices a touch volatile as uncertainty over South American production.
  • Good demand from US ethanol.


  • To compound the recent increase in Egyptian urea prices, all producers in that area have now been given a directive by the Government to cut production by 20% due to natural-gas shortages.
  • Chinese export restrictions are still in place. Easing may eventually add some stability to recent price hikes, but it is unlikely in the short term.
  • After new season prices for AN emerged in Europe last week, there are reports from France which, following a good uptake in June prices, have now moved up by a further €15 for July delivery.
  • The ammonia market is still looking strong while gas futures have continued to climb over the past three months.
  • Aside from pockets of demand, straights remain relatively stable at both a global and UK level.
  • Sterling has strengthened against the Euro and USD, which should apply downward pressure on fertiliser imports.



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Weekly currency trend

£1.272/$ - mixed

£1.170/Euro - mixed

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